Panorama 3D V2.0

Summary :

Panorama3D V2.0 is a Java 1.1 Applet to put interactive and realtime Panorama 3D in Web site in a few minute.

! new version - Panorama3D V3.0 available here !

Panorama use the 3DzzD Web 3D API wich can run in full Java 1.1 mode for best compatibility (all platforms and browsers), if needed it can use video hardware with the JOGL extension for best performances.

Control detail :

H key : switch to opengl rendering mode (JOGL), display a security dialog box.
S key : switch to Java 1.1 software mode
Mouse left button drag : view left / right
Mouse right button drag : view up / down

Click here to download the full Applet

Note: HW mode requiere extension.jar and jogl libraries in LIB directory (see Viewer V1 for details), also it does not support reflexion or bump map
Sample Applet code

<APPLET archive="LIB/dzzd.jar"
    code = "PANORAMA.class"
    width = "500"
    height = "375"